Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bucket List

Everyone seems to have them and, not only that, know what is on their Bucket Lists.  I just think I have one and refer to it in the abstract but I have never actually written it down or even thought about what might be on it other than in passing.  Trouble is, if I had written down everything I'd ever thought should be on my list, it would be a serious tome (and seriously unachieveable).

So, what have I thought (in passing) should be on the list?? Well, just this evening I thought that I'd like to see the pyramids one day so that's one.

Then there's the desire to see an episode of Strictly being filmed.

And to dance at a Tea Dance at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

And I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights.

I definitely want to go back to South Africa and go on a safari again.  (Can going back somewhere you've already been go on a Bucket List?  Is it allowed?)

One place that I DO want to see (and nearly did last year) is the region of Cappadocia in Turkey.  It has intrigued me since I read a detective story set there and looked it up to see pictures of freaky rock formations.  The pillars of stone with caves and houses and shrines inside.  A balloon ride over those as dawn.  Now that has got to be a photographer's dream.

Moving away from the travelling dreams (because I could fill a loooong list with places I want to go), I want to see a competitive England football match.  Rich has been to a few but I never have.  Preferably home and away and preferably in a major tournament someday, but just a  match would be a good start.

And I'd like to go to a Six Nations rugby match at Twickenham.  I've seen England vs Ireland at Lansdowne Road and been to the play-off final at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff but not been to Twickenham, Hamden Park, Stadio Olimpico or Stade de France.

I want to fit back into 2 size 14 dressed I own and love.  (Is that a Bucket List thing??)

I want to throw an afternoon tea party in my garden.  You know the sort of thing....floaty dresses (girls only), tables and chairs on the lawn with table cloths and little vases of flowers, Pimms, homemade scones, cakes, sparkly wine, pretty sandwiches, pots of tea, maybe blinis and stuff.  Obviously it will not count unless the weather is perfect so I may have to have several.

Oooh, another one, I want to go Coasteering.  I nearly went when we were on holiday in Pembrokeshire but ran out of spare days and it has stuck in my mind ever since.  Griff Rhys Jones was talking about doing it for his new TV show about Wales recently and it sounded fabbie.  Then again, pretty much everything he did for the show looked great - a massive zipwire over a huge quarry, canoeing or whitewater rafting.  Tick tick tick

And a boat trip from Blakeney Spit to see the seals and to the Farne Islands to see the bird colonies up close.

And to adopt a rescue dog (not just yet obviously as my girls still need my love and attention).

Watch a Test match somewhere amazing - The Ashes for preference but the West Indies or South Africa would be awesome too.

To live on a street where I know all my neighbours.

Attend the last night of the Proms in the Albert Hall.

To live in a mortgage free house.

To make icecream (I have an icecream maker I've never used).

To volunteer for a charity or public group and/or do some proper fund raising (like the half marathon I did a few years ago now).  It is time to get back to thinking of others now that our lives are more on an even keel.

Well, that was fun.  I'm sure there are loads of other things I'd like to see or do before I die.  But this lot could keep me busy for a long time to come.

Oh no, what about seeing a tiger in India before they're extinct? Not to mention seeing the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple at Amritsar???  Now I'm getting carried away and will stop....

What would be/is on your Bucket Lists??


Love Cat said...

Hey Lady

Just dropping in to say hi. Hope you're doing okay. Thinking of you. x

Isabelle said...

Orkney, Shetland, Florence, Venice, Tallin, Stockholm, Oslo, St Petersburg, making another patchwork quilt, getting reasonably good at the piano, having more grandchildren who lived in Edinburgh (not really under my control, that one)- oh, and being size 12 would certainly be nice!

Football doesn't feature much... .

Blods said...

Hi there, I'm a long time reader but I've never commented before,I just wanted to know if you are ok as an absence from the blogosphere of this length of time is so unusual for you? I really hope things are well with you and yours and just wanted you to know that you are missed. Take care Blods x