Midsummer evening

Midsummer evening

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lazy IT folk....

I had a totally different word for the IT "folk" in mind to be honest but felt that swearing on my blog is just not cricket.  Part of the problem is that I'm too busy to chase them up but, honestly, is there actually a recession on??  Suffice it to say, my laptop remains unmended.

My weight is creeping lower. I have admitted to myself without reservation the fact that I have gained ALL the 17 lbs I dropped but as of today no more and I'm heading in the right direction. Sigh....

Work is a bit hectic.  Our boss is throwing her (tiny) weight around but I'm trying to persuade my colleagues to hold their heads and not precipitate a crisis. She is a tad two faced....all nicey nicey and saying the right things, right up until the point it no longer suits her.

Despite the fact that I had the prospect of a tricksey team meeting with boss present in the afternoon; it was raining lightly; I had a tummy ache;  and I only had a vest top in my gym bag, I still managed to talk my chimp into a lunchtime run! And it wasn't half bad either.  So, there remains light at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope I can keep sight of it.


Hazel said...

Hiya Lesley - well done for getting out there! Have you thought about one of Shauna's (Dietgirl) Up and Running courses? I struggle to find motivation to run, but I won a place on the 10k course and am finding that it's making running (almost!) a pleasure.

Isabelle said...

Hello! I do sympathise about the weight creeping back on. But it sounds as if you've got the chimp back in its (her? his?) cage! Onwards and downwards!