Saturday, 31 August 2013

Still in the mid 20th century

It is very frustrating that just when I really need the support I get from regular blogging, my laptop is kaput and every IT person I contact is on holiday! I am trying quite hard but also suffering regular setbacks. I seem to be able to stick to my routine most mornings and through the afternoons but my resolve weakens in the evenings and too many carby snacks and big meals are sneaking through.

On the plus side I've been running 6 times now which is almost a habit.

On the minus side, I'm tapping this post out on my phone on the coach back from Middlesbrough where we've been watching the football. I knew it would be a tough day for a dieter but managed to avoid the cooked breakfast and 2 pints with breakfast. I did not, however, avoid the subsequent 5 pints of bitter and accompanying cheeseburger and chips. Oh and I made 2 batches of brownies for the coach cos it was one of the regulars' birthday and had 1.5 pieces!! So, not a great day dietwise!! But fun.

I will work on my chimp discipline from now on and will NOT have any more beer today!!


Isabelle said...

Hello anyway! Hope you get your laptop fixed very soon.

Peridot said...

One and a half brownies from a yummy home-made batch is pretty heroic! My mouth is watering just thinking about it - and I'm on a starve day, sob!


Seren said...

Is the computer still playing up? You're updates are much missed! Hope your chimp is firmly on his leash...