Sunday, 15 September 2013

London....6 weeks ago....sigh....

Well, my laptop is out of intensive care.  I don't think it's cured but at least it is showing some signs of life again.  Trouble is, after so long without it, I am out of the habit of blogging so it may take ME some time to get back to business as usual.  So, to get me back in the swing of things and to liven up all this unfamiliar word only posts, here are some photos from our long weekend in London at the beginning of August.

As you can see, we started at the Tower of London, then Westminster Abbey (which was closed by the time we got there) so we then walked along the south bank to St Pauls.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, historic and vibrant London.  (Sorry Isabelle, I know you have a personal grudge against the place...look away now!) 

So ancient and with meaning and significance oozing out of every cranny.

The White Tower. 

I find certain buildings repeating themselves in my albums endlessly - Tower Bridge, the London Eye and now a newcomer - The Shard. 

This chap was great.  Worth every penny....oh no, the tour was free!  He had to shout to be heard by well over a hundred followers and deal with 90% foreignness but he did it with grace, humour, opinionated political non-correctness and, at times, great poignancy.

One of the captive ravens of the Tower.  Poor clipped-wing chap, hopping along, taking one for the team to save the Tower.

See what I mean about my Repetitive Building Syndrome.

The Palace of Westminster. 

The sun came out and the sky was blue for our walk along the river.  I love it.  Those stunning, massive cityscapes in every direction mixing old and new and making you feel that  you are in the middle of Somewhere Important.

I fear photo fatigue may have set in....

Brutal indeed - the Tate Modern.

So, have a great week everyone and I'll be back to write some stuff soon if I can remember how!!


Seren said...

Beautiful pictures - as always! I love the Shard, think it works really well with the existing cityscape - but then, I like the Gherkin as well so my opinion may be invalid! Good to see you back and posting,


Love Cat said...

Hey lady

Just popping in to say hiya. Hope you're grooving.


Isabelle said...

Yes, boo, hiss, grump.