Monday, 19 August 2013


The laptop is still busted and local IT chaps have gone on their hols. I think it's something  simple like the battery pack but it's most annoying. I have a camera full of photos I took at  Rich's Captain's day up at his golf club at the weekend and everyone is keen to see them but they'll have to wait. Grrrrr

On the "fat but happy" front, I realised that, while I am happy, I am not happy being fat!! I was looking around the station this morning and observing how many slim, trim women there were and how far I have strayed from slim and trim. Enough!!

So, I'm back doing something about it. No carbs for breakfast or lunch, my cold shower, black coffee, 3 hour wait for breakfast routine and, crucially for me, an actual run at lunchtime!! I haven't been on a run at work for some time but it was most enjoyable and to be repeated.  Tonight I ate a bit late but resisted homemade gooseberry crumble for dessert Go me!!

Baby steps. I will NOT go  all the way back up. The rot will be stopped and the damage reversed, again.

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Hetty said...

Go Lesley, you can do it! You know how brilliant it feels when you're back in control, getting the exercise endorphins and seeing results on the scales. That feeling is only days away so stick at it.
Hetty :)