Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

P2P Update

I've just realised that I haven't put the pics of our post Easter break. We went to Belmont Lodge near Hereford for golf then on to Bristol. The golf course was lovely, really challenging and very beautiful in a very English sort of way.

It was very slow though - we came up behind a visiting party so have to wait on every tee. Luckily the weaher was great and we met some nice people to chat to.

A gorgeous par 3 - love holes like this - scenic and clever. Oh, and Rich posing nicely...

I was very taken my this vista, popping up over a hill a view of Belmont Abbey in the distance.

Half the course lay alongside the River Wye...I only hit one ball into the water...!

Here it is again...

The lovely Belmont Lodge up on the hill behind us - looked like a french Chateau but is largely unused. Only the ground floor is in use as the golf clubhouse and restaurant. apparently there is a deal struck with English Heritage to restore and use the rest of the building which will save it. the Golf club is getting a planning permission for a bigger hotel in return....the way of the world!

England is so pretty sometimes - I love these beautiful mature Oak trees, just so solid and enduring. I could have done without this one being right in the middle of the fairway though!!

I hit my ball over a hill up towards the green only to discover a pond just next to the green exactly where my ball had gone! I only hope that I didn't hit one of these little ducklings brothers or sisters!! I didn't know you were there, honest!

A well deserved pint in the sunshine afterwards. I won by the way - trounced him!

Now to Bristol - I wish I'd taken some pictures from the football it was a gorgeous day and there was loads of fancy dress and amusing costumes! But after the game we had a smart romantic dinner on the terrace at our hotel - this was the view!! Not bad eh? By the way, it was the day after the Royal wedding hence the flags.

Me looking like the cat that got the cream sitting on the terrace of the Avon Gorge Hotel taking in the view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the sunset and about to enjoy a truly scrummy meal

You'll be pleased to know that you don't have to wade through a weighty tome on grim emotional topics today (not that you ever HAVE to do anything...!). Today it's just a quick update on my P2P challenge.

I'm very, very pleased that I have stuck it out for a whole week and exercised and eaten less mindfully during that time. The chart has been religiously updated and makes pleasant reading:

Weight - I lost 2.8 lbs (my scales are digital so I've decided to go to the decimal point even though I'm aware that they're pretty meaningless!).

Exercise - I've done some every day. Swimming, a run, personal training, a long walk with an old work colleague last weekend (Cocker Central - it was fab!), golf, dancing and swimming again.

Eating - not done anything special, just cut out the extras and cut back a bit on the booze.

So, what next? I'm sure next week will be a bit harder so I will have to keep up the exercise and tighten up the eating side of things a bit more but I have made a start and I'm proud of myself for that. Next week I should step into new territory (well, not new but territory that I haven't been in for a few months) so I'm determined to get a couple more lbs off and see a real change.

I like the fact that my P2P challenge is only short - it helps my chimp (remember her) take it on knowing that it's only a month. Sure, I'll probably do something else after that but I can do anything for a month. Short term effort, real result (hopefully).

I'm so pleased with myself for doing this. It is great knowing that I'm trying to get and stay healthy FOR ME. Not as a ploy or a strategy, not because I have to, not to get a bully off my back, not out of fear or hope for a better tomorrow. Just for the simple reason that I want to be healthier and to fit into smaller clothes. And to know that, while I'm doing this, Rich still loves and fancies me every bit as much and will probably hardly notice the stone once its gone anyway. Last night, I happily snaffled a chocolate off him and he teased me about being on a diet but I knew there was no edge to the teasing, no judging - what a refreshing change.

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Peridot said...

That's a cracking loss - well done you (and your chimpess!)