Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Scores on the doors

A few snaps from a wedding I went to a couple of weekends ago between my pal Mini (used to be my personal trainer many moons ago before the lovely Huw!) and his gorgeous and very slender wife, Kate. The reception was at Nostell Priory near Wakefield - very posh!!

The woman in the paler blue dress is Stacey (the one who broke her back recently). You wouldn't have known it from the way she and I were dancing!! We went mad - hurling ourselves round the floor - was brilliant, very life-affirming or summat!

So, I'm sure you're all agog to find out how bad my World Cup debauchery turned out to be?? Me too, although not exactly eager you understand.

So, I duly stepped on the scales Monday morning, telling myself that it was going to be baaaaaad news and that "Knowledge is Power" etc etc And then saw that I had only put on 2lbs!! Couldn't believe it. I have not totally given up on exercise by any means, still been to personal training twice a week and played loads of golf and done lots of dog walking. But I have not been swimming, running, to the gym or out on my mountain bike!

And, on top of that, I've been eating pretty much what I want including cappucinos most mornings, the odd biscuit or cakes at work, takeaways after football, wine and beers at home while watching games, copious amounts of cider while in town watching the England games etc etc

But, only 2 lbs gained. It feels as though I have LOST 2lbs I'm so pleased with that. What it tells me is that I can, for limited periods, just forget about food. Although I have been off-piste, I haven't gone mad or overeaten badly. I've just relaxed for a few weeks and then reined it in.

So, this week has been good for exercise so far. Swimming on Monday and Tuesday, long walk Monday evening and golf this morning. My personal trainer is back tomorrow morning and I'm playing golf again on Friday. Foodwise I've been fine, lots of sushi and salad and fewer treats and one of the 2 lbs has gone already.

So, I'm lucky but also pleased that I seem to have REALLY changed my behaviour longterm.

One warning note though was that on my final weekend before getting on the scales, I felt a bit empty emotionally. You know, a little sad and worried and I also found myself eating to fill that hole. I noticed this because I had not done it for so long. I stopped it but the urge to eat for emotional reasons is still there, weaker and less frequent but still there!!

I need to address the emotional reasons too but that is a tale for another day..... Not really sad now, pleased with myself if anything but all is not quite right with me, just need to work out how to put it right.


Peridot said...

Love your dress - not sure where you're hiding those 2lbs! Perhaps the nervous tension from the football helped...

Peridot x

Amber said...

gorgeous wedding dress--- and you look great too! smiley! :)

Isabelle said...

You're looking great - a totally invisible 2 lbs.