Friday, 7 May 2010

Sore mouth but silver lining...

Just a quickie. I had dental implants, er, implanted yesterday afternoon!! Aaargh. I've had troublesome teeth in the upper right area for years and the crown/bridge wasn't really working longterm so I finally took the plunge with implants a few weeks ago. All the prep work and a big gap for the last 2 months and now a big sore gap with stitches for the next 3-5 months before my shiny new teeth can be inserted. And v v expensive.

God it was horrible - a big burly greek dentist and 2 nurses, gowned and gloved, racing around my mouth peeling back gums, scraping away with bone grafting (rats - hadn't thought I needed it), then drilling 2 holes right into my brain (it felt like), inserting the titanium pins and then sewing me up. The stitches are right up the side of my gums and in the roof of my mouth too so not attractive.

There was no pain as such but it's a nasty shaky experience. Still, got through it and the pain subsided with some heavy duty Ibuprofen and an icepack while watching the golf last night. Only a bit swollen this morning! I wished I'd scheduled it for when D was home so I could at least have had a cuddle to make it better. Some times, I'm just too independent for my own good.

Anyway, the upshot is, I don't feel much like eating. The downshot is that I shouldn't do any heavy exercise for a few days. And the silver lining is - probably as a result of the being good and exercising over the last few days, but I'm going to assign it to the implants - I dropped 2 lbs this morning so am now 1 stone 2lbs lighter than I was in March! Progress at last.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Glad you're okay! Implant surgery is not exactly a walk in the park, is it? (I'm not sure you know...I am a dentist...but not practicing in Moscow.)

Be gentle with yourself, you will heal much more quickly. Although you probably don't feel like crunching into vegetables, at least you can make a nice soup (or better yet, have someone make it for you!).

The worst part is over :)

((hugs)) IS traumatic to do all of that by yourself!

Peridot said...

Ouch - poor you.

I definitely recommend arnica to help you heal more quickly - you can get tablets.

Peridot x

Nona said...

Dear oh dear, that sounds quite horrific!!! Wish you better!!!

As for the weight loss, YAY!!! Well done!!!

rachel said...

We talk so blithely about implants, don't we, until we find out (personally, in your case) what the process actually involves. Good for you, though; I hope all goes well for the next stage.