Sunday, 9 May 2010

Food issues, what food issues??

It really feels as though I don't have an issue with food any more. Now, being a wary soul, as one is wont to be when one has packed on the amount of weight I have over the years, I'm sure those issues are just lying dormant waiting to pounce on me, maybe when I'm tired and weakened but, at the moment, I'm very chilled.

It's great. I eat when I'm hungry; I don't feel compelled to put as much on my plate as my eating companion; I don't mind if I eat more or less; I just eat what I want. Revolutionary. I heard myself say yesterday, "ooh, I'd love some chocolate" and not in a bad way. There was no guilt, no I'm having chocolate because I'm at the cinema or because I'm tired or I deserve it. Chocolate was just genuinely what I fancied at the time.

As it happened we were at a trendy Arts cinema which didn't sell chocolate!! How can this be? No icecream or popcorn either. And the seats were bloody uncomfortable. (The Cornerhouse in Manchester in case you were wondering.) Anyway, we were there to see a film produced by my good friend Stacey. It's called "A Boy Called Dad" and it was pretty good. Not perfect but it had lots of good things about it.

It was about a 14 year old lad whose girlfriend has a baby and at the same time he starts to reconnect with his own deadbeat Dad. That bit was great, funny, heart warming etc It got a bit ropey when he abducts the kid (for various slightly farfetched reasons) and heads off to North Wales. Still, it was a proper feature film in a proper cinema, produced by my friend who used to be a high flying city solicitor! How great is that?

Stacey often teaches me lessons about life. Firstly she was a very ambitious, intelligent, high flying type living in Hong Kong and London when she came to visit me for the weekend, met my pal Jim (not my football buddy, a different Jim) and ended up marrying him, moving up to Derbyshire and giving up the law in faviour of film making. So- Lesson one - have no fear and follow your dreams.

Recently and very unfortunately, she fell down the stairs at home early one morning on her way to put the kettle on. Broke her back and now has extensive nerve damage to her lower limbs and internal organs. It looks like she is going to make a complete recovery over time but she is incredibly lucky to be even walking again. Doctors told her 98% of people with her damage would be paralysed. That's a stat to make you ponder life....

So - Lesson 2 - you don't know what is round the corner so enjoy life, take every chance and be ready to change your plans at a moment's notice.

So - well done Stace - it was a brave film, not perfect but yours and hopefully it'll lead to many more.

Back to mundanities - I'm maintaining my 2 lbs loss despite not being able to do any vigorous exercise. My face has settled down and is not too puffy any more so I should be able to recommence exercise tomorrow. I played golf today anyway so I've not be a complete sloth. Just 4lbs to lose to be back to last year's low in time for filming in 2 week's time. I can do it!


Peridot said...

Yes you CAN do it - you're doing so well. The food stuff is an amazing achievement. SO agree with Lesson 2 too.

Peridot x

Amber said...

Of course you can do it, I've seen you on your bike and crazy hills! :)

Miz said...

maintaining that loss is no small feat either, Woman.

you ARE doing it.

Lainster said...

I am so behind on your chat! Sorry - it's been totally mental of late. I am going to catch up properly but in the meantime I've changed my blog. It's almost exactly the same but the address is

Hope to see you there!

By the way - how hot do you look in your stripey dress? Amazing! x

Nona said...

Congrats on your reprieve from the food demons. I want to be in that place and I know I will be one day soon. :)

You can definitely make those 4 pounds in time for filming. Hope you keep up updated on all that when it starts.

Finally, how fabulous about your friend's film. I'll be looking out for it. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I can not wait to get to that point with food! I feel like I have such a long way to go! Thanks for the inspiraton!!! I really need it right now.