Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lesley Q & A

Right, I've worked it out - if I don't up the numbers of pics per blog, I'll still be showing Botswana photos by Christmas!

The beautiful safari camp of Meno A Kwena which means "teeth of the crocodile"! It was just a stopover for us but what a gorgeous relaxing one it proved to be. Set on a cliff overlooking a normally dry riverbed with 2 pumped waterholes we were lucky enough to see the Boteti River flowing for the first time in 25 years! Stunning. We just whiled away the afternoon and evening by the little eco-plunge pool opverlooking the river, watching the animal come down to drink and play. Bliss.
One of our fellow guests by the pool.
The main tent where we had our meals and the boma (campfire) where we sat out in the evening with our fellow guests and discussed how lucky we all were...
Me in the pool overlooking the river.

The eco-friendly ablutions at our tent. Everything was designed to leave a minimal impact on the environment and it was all removable - just fancy tents really.

A giant bee in the Kalahari Apple tree (I didn't see any apples!)

Zebra coming down to drink - they were quite nervous as there are loads of lions in this area so it was one first and the rest following and plenty of lookouts!
We heard a lion roar at the riverbank in the middle of the night. I have never heard anything like it!! So loud. God - we were only in a tent - if it hadn't been on the other side of the river I would have been terrified and I don't scare easily! D waching the zebra and enjoying his Castle lager.

The first elephant comes down for an evening mudbath.

Another fellow guest - a francolin grouse.

He then joins his pal for a swim. Apparently this has become an evening tradition over the last few weeks. They swam and larked around for about an hour! They dived right under the water and played with each other - it was like watching teenage boys mucking around in the pool on holiday!

Then it was back to our tent for the sunset (shared with this ground squirrel) before dinner.

African sunsets were just gorgeous - so peaceful and eternal looking. Nothing in the way, somehow.

Shauna pointed out that there is a Q & A with me on the Sky Real Lives website. I answered these questions a while ago and thought they were just for journos' consumption so thanks Shauna for finding them for me. It has saved me thinking about what to say tonight!


Peridot said...

Love the photos as ever - especially the elephants shots. Although the photo where you say "Me in the pool overlooking the river" - I can't actually see you; I hope you're not taking this weight loss lark too far, snigger.

You were spot on in your comment on my blog by the way, it was something I had been thinking myself. Any solutions gratefully received!

Peridot x

Peridot said...

PS Looking seriousy FOXY in that swimwear photo

Dee said...

I love your photos!! I am so glad you post them and continue to blog. You look fantastic. You always look so very happy. I love that. You are such an encouragement.