Saturday, 31 October 2009

Good time versus - accountability

Some baboons we encountered near Victoria Falls - this little chap must have been very young but he seemed quite confident and was not bothered by our presence.

Check out the Spock ears!
His Dad was more suspicious so we didn't hang around for a chat!

After Vic Falls we returned to Kasane and the next day went on a sunset river cruise on the Chobe River. It was beautiful. So scenic and the animals and birdlife was truly spectacular. Below is an African Darter bird which is also known as a Snake Bird because, in the water, its long neck can look like a snake.

Here is the same bird swallowing a fish whole!

It seems as though you have a choice - you can be strict and virtuous and watch every mouthful in which case, if you're lucky and the heavens are aligned, you might lose a few lbs or you can enjoy life, forget about the "rules" for a bit and live in fear of those few lbs creeping back on.

I've been avoiding accountability for the last few days and I know it's not a clever thing to do. But I am enjoying life, keeping up with the exercise and I'm not going mad with food. So, no guilt or anything but I'm not going to let it slide any longer. It's not worth the risk.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to get on the scales first thing. As Mrs L used to say - "knowledge is power". That phrase has always stuck with me and has helped me get on the scales so many times. I'm not too worried but I know that this is the sort of danger time for me which in the past would have lead to "The Fog" but I'm not going to fall into that trap this time.

In other news - I took a couple of days off work last week and really enjoyed them. The garden has had its autumn "putting to bed" treatment and looks much neater and D and I went for a lovely long walk yesterday. Tonight we're off to a Halloween fancy dress party at my local and I'm dressing up. Usually this would be cause for great angst - what costume can I possibly find to fit etc etc?!

This year it was different - I just wandered into a party shop and bought a cheap and nasty looking packaged costume without trying it on and it did fit! Amazing. I look truly terrible in it but that's sort of the point.....much make-up will be worn and a silly hat and probably a few goblets of dragons' blood (aka red wine) will be spilt (down my throat).

Looking forward to it...there may be photos....we'll see....


Isabelle said...

Hope you had a good time at the party!

Claire said...

Loving Spock.