Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I ran today!!

That's the first time I've managed more than 1 run in a week since Ireland 3 weeks ago. It was hard work but Shelley and I managed 4 steady miles and chatted all the way round apart from while going up the big bastard hill!!

I'm getting back in the groove. Not quite got my head around Slimming World (it is a bit fiddley until it all becomes second nature) but I'm eating well and not going mad. No major indulgences.

Keep it up Les!!

Come on "Big Losers Who Are Struggling"....and there are quite a few of us around at the mo......we can do it. We are NOT going back to fat!!!!


Mrs said...

That's the spirit! Very, very, very impressed with your running efforts of late. How amazing to run to a slimming class and back?! Halos all round!

The photos of Ireland are fab; you look so happy and relaxed with D. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Right, I am off to the green gym aka the allotment as I am shifting wooden planks before coming home to do job applications.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Wow - 4 miles up a hill. Moment of silence from me in awed respect....

Peridot x

Lesley said...

No Peri - it wasn't ALL up hill. Just part of it!

Crystal said...

Great job with the running! Keep up all that great motivation and those positive thoughts and you will be back in the groove in no time.

ThickChick said...

Wedding pics are super lovely!!

And as for your run.... Way to get back in your groove lady!! Congrats!

The first one is the hardest!