Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I've just spent nearly 3 hours logged onto the Ryder Cup ticket website trying to buy tickets for next year's Ryder Cup in France.  A friend got on about 12 minutes before me and Sunday was already sold out so I wasn't hopeful but nevertheless, I was gutted to eventually log in and discover that all 3 days were sold out.  I wish I'd done a deal with the friend that whoever got in first bought all 4 tickets!!  He decided not to go if he couldn't go on Sunday but we would have been happy with Friday and/or Saturday.


Anyway, Richard has just pointed out that we can now use the money (and those tickets were NOT cheap) to do something else nice.  So that is good.

I shouldn't be such a spoiled brat really as we're off to Australia for an awesome trip over Christmas and New Year and I'm thrilled about that but something about 3 hours on the internet watching a time bar sloooowly click away really ramps up the anticipation.  I want to go to France....  We can still go to France I suppose, maybe take the dogs??

Right, speaking of the dogs, I had better go and take them out for a walk!!  Speak soon!!

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Pam said...

Glad you're still alive!