Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day 2 report

There is nothing like a bit of affirmation to get you going on a diet. I stuck it out yesterday although I suspect I was nearer 700 calories than 600. However, it was not too bad and, if I can get some soup sorted for tomorrow, will get better. 2 salads in a day is a tad "thin". I was hungry by bedtime but not unhappy.

The affirmation came this morning wgen I stepped on the scales. I KNOW a daily weigh in is inaccurate but it was heartening to see 16.8 flash up when I have been hovering around 16.12- 16.13 for the last week. I don't expect that to be my weekly total come Monday but I'm hopeful of a decent drop, provided I don't go mad on non-starve days that is.

There was great temptation this morning to have a bigger breakfast than normal (and chocolate), you know to make up for yesterday. But that woukd have been counter-productive now wouldn't it chimp... so I resisted that temptation and now feel fine.

I should have been golfing but relentless, driving rain has mercifully put paid to that so now I'm wondering what exercise I will do on this grotty day.  Obviously the dogs need walking but they won't want to be out for long in this. I'm thinking either a home workout or a swim in the rain. I didn't get a season ticket for the outdoor pool this year and it is normally too busy in the public sessions but I doubt that will be a problem today!!

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