Friday, 17 February 2017

Nearly a week has passed since my last post. It has flown by. My weight has NOT flown anywhere. However I am still there or thereabouts at 16.6 so the extra panto-related exercise is counteracting the extra panto-related calories. I'm managing to keep my daytime intake to the norm but am then adding: some sort of cake or biscuits during the show, sandwich and chips at the pub afterwards and 3 or 4 pints too. Gulp. 

I don't care though. It's fun. The show is going down well, good audiences and lots of laughs. I'm making some new pals and feel part of something special - it'll be the group's 50th anniversary next and that is a great achievement in a relatively small village. I've had some lovely compliments too. All in all, I like panto very much. I have not been nervous, which is strange, and have remembered all my lines (so far). 

The pics below were taken on a glorious walk on Monday lunch.  The snow had stopped but the remnants still dusted the far hills. So pretty. I think I'll go and see what I can see today. 

I was so tired yesterday I decided to take today off and it has been a fabbie, lazy day so far. Just need to walk the pooches and make supper before tonight's show. I might be a bit nervous for this one as Rich, his dad and Carolyn and a load of friends from the pub are there tonight. Eeeeek!!


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Seren said...

Enjoy tonight's performance - it all sounds brilliant fun! And the fact that you're maintaining your weight throughout a disruption in routine is fantastic. You can pick up where you left off when it is all over and done with.

Feel like I need some sort of panto sign off! It's behind yoooooooooooooou!! :-)