Monday, 6 February 2017

Exotic Lincolnshire

These are some pics from my visit to Lincolnshire to see Dad.

I walked into the dining room at my dad's to set up my laptop and start work and what do I see sitting there, totally undefended??  Only my favourite chocolates!!  Aaaargh.  I had to hide them away in the absolute classic of a Hostess trolley.  Out of sight and out of mind, at least until lunchtime when I had a couple for dessert....

I love running in the flat of Lincolnshire so we went out before lunch.  It was gloomy but cool and dry.  I had not allowed for the strength of the wind though.  Ruinous.  Luckily I was running out against the wind so had it at my back on the way back.

As we ran down this stretch of road, we were preceded by a kestrel.  It swooped from branch to post to hover just 20 or so yards ahead of us for a long distance.  Spellbinding.

This is an exotic sight to me alright?  A huge stockpile of beet (or possibly turnips).  No idea why it sits there just one of many agricultural mysteries to ponder over as I run along with the wind pounding against me.

I didn't intend to take this photo, it was a pocket pic but I quite like it as the dogs look so busy and engaged.

Another exotic sight to me - we don't have pylons in the Peak District!  They might be seen as eyesores but they are quite impressive to me marching across the countryside.  Maybe because the land is so flat and featureless, the pylons themselves assume a sort of grandeur.

It has been a full-on weekend.  Friday night learning my lines.  A lovely run of Saturday morning followed by a shopping trip to buy Rich's birthday present (golf gear, natch) and finished up with lovely meal out with Rich's dad and stepmum to our local.  Too much food and lots of drink may have scuppered a good drop this week....

Rich didn't have a dessert as he said he was too full and he would have been eating for eating's sake.  I realise that this is exactly what I did, but sadly AFTER I tucked into a sticky toffee pudding (which wasn't quite good enough to justify the extra calories).  Don't get me wrong, I'm not regretting anything or beating myself up about having a dessert once a week; I'm just noting that I would have enjoyed the meal just as much, possibly more, if I had NOT had the dessert.  Future self, take note.

Today has been bang, bang, bang.  Up, run, home, shower, lunch, friend over to counter-sign her kid's passport application (being a solicitor I get this a LOT), panto rehearsal, home, supper, drive to the quiz, home for 11pm having not sat down for more than 30 minutes all day.  We lost the quiz....

The panto is GREAT.  I love being a rat.  I nailed it, thought I say so myself and am having to be a lot more modest in real life than I am here, chatting to you lot!  Got lots of compliments from the cast and heartfelt hugs from the director and his wife.  I get the feeling I am saving some serious bacon by stepping in and being okay (well, brilliant, obviously) in the role.  To be fair, just learning my lines would've been enough...

Here's me in my ratty-ear trilby.  It really helped to wear it and get into the ratty body language.

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