Monday, 29 June 2015

Helloo! I've missed yooouu!!

 Wow, that was a long break from blogging!  I don't know what happened.  I went on holiday, thought about posts, promised posts but never quite got round to taking the laptop out from its hidey hole and turning it on.

So, very belatedly and now somewhat unseasonally, some chilly, rather grey photos from Northumberland in May.  Yes, I appreciate these make it look as though it was November but it was May, honest.  And not THAT cold or grey.  We actually had quite a good week weather-wise and a lovely one as holidays go.

This walk was from Warkworth to Alnmouth.  Well, to a view of Alnmouth as, when we got there we discovered we couldn't cross the river without a monstrous detour. So we stood on the dune and looked at it.  We never did get to Alnmouth!

Northumberland is always gorgeous though, whatever the weather.  Massive skies, stunning beaches, big dunes, sand martins for the dogs to chase, great golf courses, nice pubs, good restaurants and friendly folk.

Yep - there it is - Alnmouth the unreachable.

So, what's been happening since we got back from holiday??  Golf mainly.  We have both been playing a LOT! Since Rich joined my club we have been joining in with the mixed comps on Bank Holidays and some Sundays and that adds to our normal, already packed schedule.  Good though.  I'm not playing particularly well sadly, although I have had some good rounds here and there.  But it's been a great summer for golf so far.

Although I'm noticing that when we're not playing we're watching which might be taking things a little far...

A reasonable amount of swimming although this has dropped off a little since the weather got better and the pool got busier.  I'll have to start going at more anti-social hours to combat the crowds.

Hardly any running. I managed a run along the canal last Monday and it was my first outing for 5 weeks!!  Eeek.  Will have to rectify that.

I've spent a fair bit of time over at my parents.  3 days and 2 nights last week to allow my father a break from constant caring of my mother and a trip down south for an Anna Netrebko concert.  Sadly Anna was ill and the concert cancelled but with my encouragement, he still travelled and went to visit various old pals from decades ago.  It sounds as though he had a wonderful time judging on how "light|" he sounded over the the phone after their various excursions.

Mum and I had a good time too.  I took her out for lunch one day which was a laugh and reminded me how lucky I am that, although she is not her old self, she is still here and we can still make the most of what time we have together.

Work.  Dull, apart from when it's stressy and very hard at the moment.  There is TOO MUCH to do.

A little bit of socialising in between the golf.    A few weeks ago I started feeling a bit boring, slightly lonely (not counting Rich), as though we were spending too much time together and not enough with other people.  I suppose that, during the football and darts and dominoes season, we automatically see people several times per week.  In the summer it is more golf based which is less social.  Anyway, on recognising this hermit phase, I made a bit of an effort and organised a few nights out and now the next few weeks are a bit TOO full!  Typical.

Gardening and working on the house.  The garden is now (as of today) fully re-fenced and that had made a huge difference.  Now I can see that any effort I make on the beds, pots and lawn will be worth it.  When the fence was battered and falling down with patched up sections it seemed as thought any effort was pretty much wasted.  So, roll on the nice weather for some serious weeding and planting!

Lots of lovely, evening dog walks hunting for the perfect swallow-chasing field.  We have hit the motherlode over the last few evenings and the dogs have been in swallow heaven.  It is great having the light to go for walks in the evenings and, even if we don't find swallows, we do enjoy the fresh air.

And, in between all that, a little too much sitting on the sofa watching rubbish sport and reading pulp fiction.

Dieting has taken a back seat, very definitely, but when I make myself step on the scales I am reassured that I'm still holding onto that solitary stone off.  Just.  I am working up towards getting started again before all that hard work goes to waste.  I know how quickly weight can creep back on and I am determined that, while this year might not see 4 or 5 stone come off, it will still be a losing year.  If I managed to drop and then maintain 1 stone off in the first 6 months of 2015, surely I can manage to drop and keep off another stone in the second 6 months??  Not too dramatic an aim.  A manageable target.

And the work towards it starts now. Well, tomorrow, I've had quite a good day today anyway.

My mini target for tomorrow is a run along the canal at lunchtime and to limit my intake of bread - a salad for lunch.

I'll let you know how it goes - this week I hope!!


Pam (Isabelle) said...

Welcome back!

Seren said...

Hello lovely Lesley! You have been much missed. Glad to see all is well with you and hope running / bread reducing is all going well.


Peridot said...

Lovely to see you back (you ARE back, aren't you?!) and keen to hear how it's all going.

Northumberland looks amazing - what a beautiful coastline. We went there on our mini-moon and even though it was November (and pretty much everything was shut) still loved it.