Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Today's mini target

Obviously to avoid sweets again but that seems more manageable having done one day. The main thing is to do some exercise.

I can't go running at lunchtime today as meetings don't allow the time so it must be after work. In the dark. Grrrr

Nonetheless, I pledge to either go for a run or do a home workout when I get in from work this evening. Hopefully this pledge will make the intention easier to stick to when push comes to shove and the sofa beckons!!

I'm doing better with food but still feeling fat so I hope I see some progress soon.

The timing of this new push is terrible as I'm off to Bruges on Thursday for a long weekend with my old school pals. I'll need to be strong to resist the worst excesses of beer and chocolate which are sure to be on offer!!

1 comment:

Seren said...

You can do it! (She said, backside firmly stuck to the sofa... ;-) )