Monday, 10 November 2014

Back to the drawing board

It wasn't working with SW but it isn't working without. I KNOW how to drop lard but what has been missing is the commitment to actually DO it.

So this is yet another commitment. I'm going to do what works and make some sacrifices with a view to dropping 10lbs minimum before Christmas. I am going to blog more frequently; set myself mini targets each day; cold shower/black coffee/ waiting to eat; exercise daily; give up beer; and above all, act like I'm ON A DIET! Not just when it suits me but every day.

Today's mini target is no sweets. They are empty calories and reset my tastebuds to want more sugar.

I know I can do this and I HAVE to do it. The negative stuff about being overweight is beginning to affect my everyday life. I'm out of breath walking up hills or stairs. My feet hurt. I feel fat round the middle. My clothes are a size larger (18) and not terribly flattering. My energy levels have dropped.

All this can be turned around pretty quickly but I need to be a grown up about it not a whiney child.

Watch this space.

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon in the gorgeous sunshine. We walked up our local big hill and it was longer than it has ever been. I'm pleased we did it though as that walk was part of my waking up to getting this done.

Going to the Remembrance service at Bradwell church was another. I know I should have been concentrating on remembrance but there was a lot of hanging around and in the lulls all I could think about was my sore feet in only moderately heeled boots.

Then cooking a Sunday roast for us and Rich's mum. I found myself pouting internally when Rich gave me the slightly smaller portion of sticky toffee pudding. I should not have been having any FFS!!

Then finally at the quiz yesterday evening (a handy victory which should see us top of the league) I did not need the round of sandwiches and handful of crisps.

I'm fired up now so just need to keep this enthusiasm going beyond the first few days and lbs.

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Seren said...

Oh, I know the feeling - I've been on track this week but it has been by the skin of my teeth and I haven't felt particularly gracious or positive about it. Lots and lots of inner pouting! HOWEVER you know what you have to do and you also know that you are capable of doing it. I have every faith in you.

Loved the pictures of London - the poppy display at the Tower looked to be stunning.