Monday, 28 September 2009

We're back!!

Me lying in the middle of a vast salt pan called Ntwetwe Pan in the Makghadikghadi National Park. We had ridden out there on quad bikes (me causing the guide some consternation by insisting that I rode my own - apparently women usually sit on the back - yawn!). After some touring on the fringes of the pan and various other side trips we ended up in the middle of the pan with the guide and a cook who prepared us a lovely campfire meal and then retired a little way off into the vastness and left us to our bedroll under the astonishing African stars. What a day!
I can't believe how green it is over here after 2 1/2 weeks of baking southern Africa.

God, it was FANTASTIC!! I'm in love with the country, the animals, the people and even my (only occasionally infuriating) husband. We had a truly magical holiday. I'd like to say "holiday of a lifetime" but that makes it sound as though that's it and we'll never go back and that is NOT going to happen. We will definitely be back in Botswana and elsewhere in Africa.

Anyway, I have taken gazillions of photos so just picked one of my faves at random for this quick post. I promise I will beaver away and get the rest of them in order soon. Trouble is,when you're out in the bush, things like laptops and batteries are not the highest priorty so uploading, recharging and emptying the camery card was done quickly and without my usual system. We had 3 cameras too so the various files are all over the place and need some serious organising and editing!

Weightwise, I will weigh in tomorrow to what, if any, damage has been done as I have been away from the scales since Friday 11 September and pretty much been unable to do any formal exercise since then either. I'm fairly confident though that, if I have gained, it won't be more than a couple of lbs. My clothes all still feel the same and tummy not bulging or anything. I was quite careful but didn't cramp my holiday style too badly. If anything, the day travelling back was my worst - all those aeroplane meals eaten out of boredom do not help!!
Back to the routine and exercise straight away though - I'm really looking forward to personal training tomorrow and doing some running and biking again....I've actually missed it!


Vanessa said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more and see your photos!

Mrs said...

Welcome back!! Africa sounds AMAZING!

Quick question - is your programme on next week? And your magazine shoot? Any idea when that's coming out - I keep checking whenever I pass a newsagents!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxx

Claire said...

Glad to see you back. xxx