Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Right, I've made a start on the photos. I'm going to show them vaguely chronologically. This was our first day in South Africa. We picked the Landrover up in Johannesberg and then had a 3 hour drive up into the hills where were staying in a lovely little lodge near the Botswanan border. There wasn't much there but I think it made sense not to have too much to do on the first day.

The driving was great - mostly tarred roads but a fair bit of gravel stuff too. It was stunning weather too as you can see.

The lodge was remote and very pretty. A sort of green oasis in the bush which seemed to be very popular with weekending Jo'bergers. Lots of quadbiking, swimming, braai'ing and, unfortunately, hunting. The Afrikaaners love it there - we picked up a mag in the local upermarket called "The Bowhunter" which had a lead article about how to kill a leopard with a bow and arrow - blegh!!

Can you make out what I'm reading Mrs??

The gorgeous African weaver bird on a Camelthorn tree. These were males hurriedly putting the finishing touches to their nests in time for spring!

The first of many glasses of red...

Well, I weighed in and have gained 3 lbs, of which I lost one yesterday so am now 2 klbs heavier than when I left!! Not bad considering I couldn't do any real exercise and had limited food options.

I was careful on holiday but didn't go to extremes in limiting my diet. Hardly any snacking between meals, no biscuits, sweets or crisps etc and trying to be sensible in choices. But, that said, I did drink more than I do at home and eat out more including some desserts and several cooked breakfasts. Although I couldn't exercise a lot, it was a very active holiday so we were on the go a lot so that would have helped.

Anyway, I'm chuffed with a 2 lb gain in the circumstances. I'm straight back into exercise too with personal training yesterday which was a killer. After a 2 1/2 week break I could really feel the loss of fitness and my legs have been aching today. I have missed to boat for a bike ride this evening due to having to work a bit later than normal so am going to use my trampoloine for 20 mins or so (I miss my TV exercise bike!!). It's better than nothing and keeps my nose to the grindstone too.

Mrs L had some questions to which I will try and provide answers: The programme is on Sky Real Lives and Sky Real Lives HD on Tuesday 6th October and Wednesday 7th October (not sure what time). We've been featured in the last 2 Sky Magazines and we're in this week's Womens' Own. We're also going to be featured in the Style section of this week's Sunday Times. Think I caught a glimpse of a trailer for the show yesterday so that'll be fun. Also, we were in the Daily Mail some time last week but think the article was pretty negative, something about the rise of "fatxploitation" TV....who cares!


beth said...

Well done -- minimal weight gain AND you didn't feel deprived! Plus, I bet almost all of those 3 lbs are from long-haul airplane bloat -- they'll be gone in no time at all.

Mrs said...

Hey! I saw you in Woman's Own! Bought a copy today! The dress looks fab.

Gorgeous photos of holiday. Fantastic result - a great holiday and absolutely minimal 'damage' that you will be able to undo in a flash.

Cannot wait to see programme! : )

Big kiss.