Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 8 June 2009

Flat lining

A few more pics from Curracloe beach. We found an old buoy. The dogs thought it was the best thing ever...barked and barked 'til we threw it and then chased it, biffed it along a bit, barked some more, repeat ad tedium...
.Do it again...


Dont' know why D was running but it was a sufficiently rare sight for me to record it for posterity. The dogs were confused by this unusual spectacle too.

Me and D, sweet innit?

He's always frowning so I tried to iron out the good, it's stuck there now.

That's the best I could manage, positively joyous by D's standards!!

I haven't been bad exactly but I've not pushed on either. I've not done as much exercise last week as the one before and the food has been slightly more generous and, lo and behold, I haven't lost anything....who knew?

So, after a very quiet day in the rain yesterday, I woke up refreshed and re-motivated this morning. I've whizzed through masses of chores at work, went for a run and personal training this evening and have got back to my no-frills eating once again. It feels good to be back.

I've got another session at the velodrome tomorrow night so hopefully that will re-ignite the fervour too.

It's as though I've spent so long concentrating on the head side of things; the not procrastinating and not making excuses that something gave and that something was the intensity of the food/exercise stuff. Now, that's not me making excuses
BTW, just seems as though something has got to give.

Anyway, no harm done and I do feel better organised and refreshed ready for another physical challenge.

Lainey (over on It's My Life) is going to lose a stone by 1 Aug. Now this seems like a perfect but challenging and good timing too, be slim in time for summer weddings and holidays. So I'm going to do it too.

As at this morning I was 13 stone 12. I'm going to be 12 stone 12 by 1 August. Game on. Lainey...


Claire said...

Game on sweetheart! Don't let me catch you up! x

Peridot said...
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Peridot said...

You are SO going to do it. Loving the positivity as ever.

And when we were in Cornwall we saw 2 seals in the sea playing with a buoy - biffing it from underneath etc - v v cute.

Peridot x

Lainey said...

Game on indeed, lady!

Let's do this! I'm 13stone 13lbs and I want to be either 13stone bang on or 12.13 by August 1st. I've got an event coming up then that is acting as my motivation.

A stone by then is a tall order but if we (and by that I mean, ME) just stop fannying about we really could do it.

Chocs away! In more ways than one...