Monday, 1 December 2014

3 weeks until Christmas and feeling fat and unfit

But all is not lost. I can still do something about it even in just 3 weeks. To which end I have promised myself to go all out to drop half a stone before Christmas starting today.

I took the dogs out for a run at lunchtime just to demonstrate to myself exactly how unfit I am.


Sarah with love said...

half a stone by xmas is totally doable and that way even if you put a bit on over xmas and new year you will still be lighter than when started.

beth said...

Go, Lesley!

Seren said...

Good luck!! You can do it!


Isabelle said...

Ok, go for it.

On the other hand, I've just found a letter I wrote to a friend when I was about your age, bemoaning how fat I felt at 9 stone 3. How I would love to be that now! So do appreciate how young and pretty you are now! Weight is very much not everything (she says, on the 5:2 diet...).

Isabelle said...

I hope it's going well - but do remember that being slim isn't everything. You're young and pretty and loved and quite fit - that's a lot!