Friday, 16 May 2014

Bored in Langkawi Airport

We got here early (as you do) and now the flight is delayed. Boooo. It's never nice leaving paradise but hanging around in the waiting room doesn't help anyone.

We've had a lovely few days in Langkawi staying at the very luxurious and exclusive Andaman Hotel on the north of the island. For 4 days it cost way more than we would usually spend in a fortnight but, once in a while, I think we deserve a little luxury. The beach was stunning. A private cove with just 2 hotels at either end. The hotel and grounds were set in protected rainforest so every walk was an opportunity to spot wildlife.

We saw hoards of cheeky macaque monkeys; squirrels, both regular sized, flying and giant (@1 m nose to tail!); several types of kingfisher; hornbills; Brahminy Kites; Sea Eagles; monitor lizards; a sleeping flying lemur; and a big family of wild boar.

Sadly we did not catch sight of the black dusky leaf monkeys with their bright ginger babies (I wanted to take a pic for you Peri) although we did see some adults at a distance on a golf course.

There were numerous, exotic bugs, beetle and butterflies and much talk of snakes having been sighted in the swimming pool (including a python and King Cobra last week!) but, happily, the only snake we saw was a sleeping pit viper from the safety of a boat while on a tour of the mangroves.

It is VERY hot and humid here. We've played 2 rounds of golf and both times I thought I was melting. It tends to discourage you from doing much but we did manage a nature walk and boat trip as well as a bit of a drive round the island as well as golfing, lounging on the beach and dining extremely well on  gorgeous, fresh seafood.

Plane has arrived. We're off to KL!! (Actually we've been here since Friday but I haven't been able to upload this post!)

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Seren said...

Happy holidays! At least the sun has decided to emerge here in the UK over the last couple of days which has tempered the extreme holiday envy I get from reading your post :-)

Hope KL is wonderful!