Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I thought it very strange this morning when I stepped on the scales that my body had overnight dropped 2 lbs.  I had been relatively pleased with 14.7.8 on Tuesday so to see 14.5.6 this morning was most heartening.

I'm sure it's just a TOTM bonus but it does mean I'm back to below my pre-Christmas weight and I have a platform to build on.  I would happily write January and February off in the flab-busting stakes if I were to start again in March.  So THAT is what I'm going to do.

I feel a lot chirpier today.  Possibly because I took a day off.  It was time.  I needed to step away from work, clear my head and dive into packing and clearing my old house.  Work hared and feel productive and in control again.  It worked, I have been busy all day and have achieved a satisfying amount.  I cleared and packed up the kitchen, pantry and understairs cupboard.  Not bad for Day 1.

Foodwise, I didn't diet particularly - bacon and egg sarnie for mid-morning breakfast; leftover chicken, leek and ham tangle pie (filo pastry scrunched up to cut down on actual pastry) with fruit and tea for lunch and beef and ale casserole with leek mash for supper (that was delicious!).  But it's been pretty healthy stuff, all cooked without too much fat and lots of fresh veggies.  No exercise as such apart from a modest dog walk but, as I said, I have been up and down stairs, loading up boxes and fetching and carrying all day.  That has got to count, surely?

The dogs were weird too.  They don't really like being back at the old house.  I think they get worried about whether I'm going to leave them there as they spend all the time hanging around the car and jumping in whenever possible.  I found Shelagh squeezed into the boot between a load of bags and boxes when I came out with the last one.  As if to say - don't leave me here Mum!!  But I think they're happier with me than left behind at home...

And then there's Rich.  Now that I'm on more of an even keel, Rich is diving headfirst into a slump.  He is complaining of being at sixes and sevens, not comfy in his skin and restless.  Tricky for chaps when that happens.  You can't help them really, just have to not annoy them as best you can.  It's probably a reaction to my having been low-level down in the dumps for a few days.  Ironic eh?  I just got the love and support I needed from him to get through my slump (although to be fair I was grumpy ABOUT him for at least a day or so) and now he needs it back...

In short - roll on our long weekend off!!!


c macd said...

posts.....just like buses!!

Apologies for the cheek! Glad you're feeling better!

Katherine Austen said...

Well done on being below your Xmas weight!! hope the man feels better soon! jealous of your extra long weekend! I could really do with one!

Sarah said...

Sometimes we all need to take time to step away. You've reminded me that I probably need to do the same thing. Glad to hear you're back on the up (and on the down on the scales).

Sarah x