Saturday, 20 October 2018

Beautiful days on the golf course

We played golf on Friday afternoon in the final outing for our golf society. Throughout the summer we go to different courses within a 90 minute radius of the Valley roughly every once a month which is great but we always play our last game at home.

It was a glorious afternoon; jumpers off and gorgeous views. We were playing with 2 good pals, Darren and JD so lots of fun and banter. JD is one of the most generous (in terms of encouragement etc) and kind blokes I know. He has really welcomed me into the blokeish fold. I must thank him some time now I come to think of it.

I didn't play very well but cleaned up 2 nearest to the pins. Richard missed out on winning the day and the whole season by one single shot. Poor bunny. However it was his last day as Society Captain and he gave a nice little speech at the prize giving before we had to dash off to Sheffield for the football.

Yes, the mighty Wednesday were hosting 'Boro at Hillsborough. Sadly for us (but not for Seren's household) they were too strong for us. Not much in it but our underconfident defence gifted them a second goal and although we rallied and got one back, we couldn't find the equaliser. Gah!

This morning's golf started early - 7.45am! It was a 3 person team with another mate called John. Unlike JD, John needed to be convinced about lady golfers when I first arrived on the scene but he is well on board now. We played well as a team today in a Texas Scramble but were a couple short of the winning team. Hey ho, another time.

I was full of the joys of autumn as it was a heart warming morning. Misty at first with a heavy dew but gradually the mist cleared. I love that point before it disappears completely when it hangs in the valley but the hills behind emerge all pinky, greeny grey. Not a breath of wind either. Then the sun burned through and it became a glorious day. Big, happy sighs.

Rich took the girls out for a long hilly walk this afternoon but I fancied some time in the garden keeping on top of the autumn chores. It was a satisfying few hours of clearing leaves; hacking back the grapevine; picking up windfall apples to take to our local butcher and pig farmer; sweeping; tidying and organising. It looks better now!

Rich is golfing again tomorrow but I think I'm going to have another day of dog walking, more gardening, cooking (getting batches of stewed apple into the freezer!) and some wedding chores. I'm out at the quiz tomorrow night so a day around the mothership sounds good.

On the diet front, it's not going particularly well this week. I think I'm doing alright but possibly TOTM and the cold stopping me from running is against me. I will stick to my guns!

(BTW, sorry for the lack of photos, I need to upload pictures and vids from my mobile to clear some memory space before it will let me take any more!!)

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