Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Week 6 weigh in result

Not bad Rodders, not bad! 2lbs off taking me to 15.10.4 which is a total drop since my restart of half a stone!! Yay! It has been slow to be honest but at least I'm on my way again. I had originally hoped to drop a stone before Christmas but suspect the next half stone might be a little ambitious in just 5 weeks. However, you never know and I can definitely get close!!

I'm pleased that I have kept the running going over the last few weeks and it is easier now to make myself get out there even though it is cold and dark now. I used to run more with the dogs but as they are older and poorlier in Minty's case they don't want to run like they used to. Sometimes, on a sunny lunchtime but not often. So now I take them out for a walk and do a shorter, sharper run in the evenings by myself.

Yesterday was a lovely day; I was working from home so had a mellow chilled day. Took the girls out for a shortish walk but the weather wasn't great and Minty was poorly so they didn't want to go far.

So, to keep the pressure on I went out for a 25 minute run along the road in the cold, rainy, dark evening!! Woo hoo!!

Rich took me out to one of the pubs in the village for supper. It has recently changed hands so we fancied trying out the food offer. Decent, nothing special but pleasant. I chose well too. I didn't use my birthday as an excuse to go crazy - picked grilled trout fillets with new potatoes over pie and chips!! And it was delicious. I left a portion of the mountain of crushed spuds as well. My word, my halo was shining brightly!!

So, I just need to keep this up and a slinky wedding dress will be within reach!!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Beep beep beep

Aaaand after 2 decent weekend days, by which I mean 1,700 and 2,000 calories each day with plenty of exercise, my weight has increased back up to 15.12!

I KNOW it is trending down but I hate it!! *stamps feet in frustration*

This was not a nice birthday present.

However I have had a very pleasant breakfast of fruit and yoghurt while opening cards and pressies and FB/text messages so I'm feeling a bit jollier now.

It was a stunning day yesterday. Rich was on the golf course but I worked like a dog round the house. (Why like a dog?? My dogs have not done a day's work in their lives!) However we still managed to carve out an hour or so out of our busy schedules to head out onto the hills. It was so colourful and fresh!

I'm dressed in running gear and am going to head out for a run at lunchtime and save as many calories as possible for supper out this evening. Who knows, it might bob back down tomorrow?!

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Finally, some movement on the scales!!

It was great this morning to see a 2lb drop to 15.10. Nearly in fresh fat for 2018....

This was also slightly ironic given that I ate and drank more calories yesterday than I have had all week. Only 2000 but still a couple of glasses of wine more. The wine was yummy too, as it is this evening 😉😉

We were golfing this afternoon in a 3 person team competition with a new lady member. She is really nice and very slim and slinky. There was a definite spark of interest when she walked into the bar after our round!! Unusually for the golf club she is well under 55 years of age too so I'm trying hard to help her to play and introduce her to folk.

I played quite well today but Rich and Louise weren't really on it so our team score was average at best but that didn't matter. It's just great to get out and play. The weather wasn't fantastic but there was no wind and the sun peeked out from time to time. In between it was beautifully atmospheric. (It wasn't as dark as it looks by the way!)

Rich is golfing again tomorrow in the Turkey Trot (I won the Ladies' version on Wednesday) so I have a delicious day with nothing planned. Having said that it is going to be busy:

A dog walk (or run hopefully); spot of garden tidying; a few errands delivering things round the Valley; washing down the walls and woodwork which Rich has heroically been sanding down all week so that he can start on the painting next week; making a start on wedding invitations; cooking a roast lamb; and a few phone calls! And all that before the quiz at 8pm....I had better start early!!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

This vehicle is reversing....beep beep beep....

Despite sticking to my calorie limit and doing plenty of exercise my weight has climbed inexorably every day! Great, just great. I know that one should look at your weight over an average of 2 weeks but I prefer instant results if you please. I thought I had had a great day yesterday - 20k steps and 1700 calories - but the scales thought otherwise a lb ON!


However, I am resolute. I have eaten less today and, although I have not had time to exetcise, my step count will be excellent. It WILL come, it must, surely???

In other news, it was a glorious day today so I took the girls for their lunchtime walk over the golf course and round the fishing ponds. Beeootiful!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Day 3 on 6STS

Yesterday was hectic in the office but I still managed to make myself get out for a run as soon as I got in from work. Only 25 minutes but brisk and definitely better than nothing.

It made sure that my step count was decent and kept me on it.

As far as calorie counting goes, I'm only just managing to beat my maintenance level of 2000 each day, usually coming in at around 1,800 calories. We'll have to wait and see whether this is sufficient to see results.

Looking at the 6STS Facebook page most people are doing a lot less than that. 1,000 to 1,400 seems standard. Can't see me sticking to that sort of level long term!!

This level of recording is helping me avoid snacking and take more care with my cooking though. Knowing that I have to post my totals each evening certainly makes you question if you really need that extra item!

I played golf this morning so a tough 21,000 steps and clean eating all day. Supper of prawn Thai green curry with loads of veggies and 70:30 cauli rice/rice to keep the calories down. Hopefully it will bear fruit on the scales.

I'm tired now though. I had to take Minty to the vet after work and when I got back Rich was working on redecorating the bathroom so I hit the kitchen for full on chores for an hour or so. Bed is calling!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Progress at last - Week 5 weigh in

The scales are being cooperative at last. 15.12.2 this morning which is a pleasing 2.5lb drop from last week.

On my first day following the 6 Steps to Slim (6STS) I calorie counted exceedingly vigilantly yesterday and was below my initial maintenance target of 2000 calories. I think the excessive repetition must have sunk in as I found myself counting even tiny little items which might have "slipped through" before. Every calorie counts!

The difference between my Fitbit calorie counting and this new regime is that I'm no longer allowed to take my exercise into account so have a hard limit of 2000 rather than a more flexible approach.

This is probably a good idea as a run or round of golf can hide a multitude of sins and lead me into poor habits!

Inspired by beautiful autumnal photos on the 6STS Facebook page, I headed up the big hill above Bradwell yesterday lunchtime with the dogs. We went all the way to the top road rather than turning at the middle one so the views were awesome and I felt fantastic. My mojo is definitely on its way back and no wonder, it was just gorgeous!

Today I am in sunny Rotherham calorie counting and hoping that the trains don't let me down on the way home!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the autumn sunshine!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Keep trying, something will happen!!

On both work and dieting woes I am not giving up. I will keep trying new tacks and different strokes.

At work I am seeking a regrade and market supplement to reflect my value to the team even if they will not give me a formal promotion. Who knows if it will work but I have to try.

On the dieting, while what I have been doing has been working, it has been too slow. Not even 1lb a week. I need a little more ooompf.

I was talking about this to a woman at work and she said "I have something for you! This WILL work". Well, you can't argue with that can you?

Her suggested solution was a Sheffield based Facebook/online group called Six Steps to Slim. I have signed up and am just starting a 2 week free trial. It is basically calorie counting with lots of nutrition lectures and online support. Checking in, support, targets, etc. So, it is very similar to what I was doing anyway. Hopefully the group element will assist.

There are very few mandatory elements to the programme but I do have to listen to the first 2 lectures from the group leader, Connor. Trouble with that is that a) I knew most of what he was saying and b) he was not one to use 5 words when 55 would do!

However, I lay in a lovely bubbley bath after a round of golf and let him burble on about burning and counting calories repetitively and at length (a whole hour!) and strangely found it uplifting and inspiring.  I start my upgraded diet today!

We played golf today. Rich with his boy pals and me with some lady golfers. It was raining and gloomy when we set off but soon cleared up. The sun even peeked through setting the autumn colours alight. We were glad to be alive!!