Friday, 17 August 2018

Back on the horse...

Posting last night helped. It helped me stand on the scales first thing (a much more palatable 15.12.6). It helped me make a healthy fruit and yoghurt breakfast instead of the toast I craved. And it helped me open my diary and start a new entry for today. I hope it helps me to have a salad for lunch and go for a run later too!!

So, although I'm still behind my pre-holiday weight, I'm not far off and can get going again.

Actually, it was going out for a run last night that really helped as it reminded me that this whole process is neither scary nor unpleasant and that success is much better than the odd piece of toast.

I'm NOT going to let this diet peter out as others have in the past and I'm NOT going to give up on my goal of being a slender(ish) bride. I'm definitely NOT going to gain back this 2 stone as I feel so much better at this weight.

So, now we know what I'm NOT going to do. What am I actually going to do?

Today's mini goals are a) salad for lunch; b)  run this evening; and c) write everything I eat and drink down.

Now that's out of the way, some stray lunchtime dog walk pics from last week.

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Peridot said...

Like I said, you are a woman with a plan! You are definitely back in the zone! Hope the scales reward you.